For many years we have collected stones, minerals, fossils.  The weekend hobby evolved into a business and

Elkhorn Trading Company opened in 2006.

In 2007 we began trading with Native American artists in pueblos Zuni and Santo Domingo, New Mexico. Annually we travel to the southwest bringing shell, rock, antler, and leather to barter for jewelry, pottery, fetish carvings, and kachina dolls. We trade one on one with the artists.

In 2015 we leased a mining claim in a fossil rich bone-bed in Kern County. We have recovered teeth from many species such as Megalodon, White Shark, Pygmy Sperm Whale, Desmostylus, to name a few! It's a fabulous site, producing excellent specimens of bone, teeth and micro fossils.

 Elkhorn Trading Company


HC 30 Box 5, Monticello NM 87939

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